Who Are We?

Elderwise started as an Adult Day Center in 1997 and now also shares our innovative programs and philosophy with others through outreach programs in retirement communities and educational programs for professionals.march 27 2014 004

Elderwise provides a unique approach to aging through cultural enrichment and deep respect for all people. Elderwise acts as an agent of change in our society by infusing its values in the community. It does this through our model adult day center, our teaching and outreach program and through our leadership in the field of enriched care for elders.

Elderwise Mission and Vision

Service of elders at ElderwiseOur mission is to recognize and nurture the value and wholeness of older adults, regardless of their cognitive or physical ability, and to meet their need to experience life deeply in the present.

Our vision is that adults have the opportunity to interact in stimulating, creative and supportive communities in all their years of life.

Over the last twenty years, I have visited hundreds of senior centers and adult day health centers. A participant once told me, “Something different is going on there.” Indeed, I have never seen anything quite like it – Elderwise has found a way to promote health and well-being at the very core of its work.
Wendy Lustbader, Social Worker

What is Our Philosophy?

Painting by Elderwise seniorElderwise staff believe that each day is a new opportunity for growth. We can always learn important skills such as kindness, openness, tolerance, patience, reverence, and understanding.

The Elderwise philosophy is based on four pillars:

  • The works of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy – a philosophy that offers insight into the development of the whole human being.
  • The works of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and the Sage-ing® Guild
  • The importance of working from our own truest essence
  • The medical model based on the most current research and practice in the field of aging

We are a part of the cultural revolution to transform the culture of aging in our communities.

“Elderwise has a long and admirable history of service to frail adults living in the Seattle area, in addition to a stellar reputation for innovation in their enrichment model of Adult Day Care. I refer families to Elderwise whenever I can.”
Sara Myers, Director, Washington Adult Day Services Association

What Do We Do?

Sue Gardon paintingWe have an Adult Day Center that meets Monday through Friday in the heart of Seattle. This program uses the Elderwise Spirit-centered Care model to provide a structured program of arts, exercise, discussion and shared community offering enrichment for the frail elder and respite for caregivers.

We have Outreach Programs that take elements of our Elderwise Programming out to other communities serving elders.

We have Educational Programs which teach the Elderwise Philosophy to professionals, students and family care partners.