The 2011 Annual Art Auction

Elderwise Art Auction 2011 - reviewing the artworkYou can feel the excitement in the air as the time approaches for our annual art auction, when Elderwise participants and staff members each donate paintings for the auction. This year our paintings were lovingly matched with used frames rehabbed for the occasion and enhanced with matting and color backing by our board secretary, Jeanette Ruby. In addition the artist biography was not only on a poster displayed at the auction, but was professionally attached to the backs of each painting. The Elderwise staff, board and volunteers worked hard to arrange the paintings artistically, set up the bid sheets for the silent auction, and create a beautiful sit down buffet. Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, Director of the Frye Art Museum, speaks on "Living a Legacy and Serving the Community" at the 2011 Elderwise Art AuctionWe were overjoyed that Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, director of the Frye Art Museum agreed to be our keynote speaker. As always, Jo-Anne gave a heartfelt talk that truly inspired us on the importance of making art an interactive experience for the whole community and her words are backed by the many programs the Frye Art Museum has available for the community.

Elderwise participants are the stars at the art auction. They bring their family members and show off their art work and the beautiful cards made from scans of their paintings. They celebrate with other participants and their families, and see people gladly pay appreciative money for their art works. We thank all those who attended the auction and who bought paintings to support the Elderwise mission.