Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities at Elderwise fall into two categories:

  • The Elderwise Philosophy and
  • Conscious Aging

Elderwise began in 1997 with a set of new, untested ideas that rang true to us. We set about testing them in our day program. Fifteen years later, they have been proven and fine-tuned from the experience of running our adult day and outreach programs. In 2006, as interest in our approach grew, we began teaching parts of the philosophy including such topics as:

  • Who are you if you have Dementia?
  • The Developmental Psychology of Aging
  • The Twelve Senses
  • Working with the Whole Person

We are currently taking a one year sabbatical from teaching in order to capture these ideas in writing. Our goal is to share this philosophy with a greater number of health care professionals and personal partners.

Conscious Aging at Elderwise

Conscious Aging at Elderwise is based on the ideas of Rabbi Zalmon Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Spiritual Eldering Institute, now transformed into the Sage-ing® Guild. These ideas are for all those interested in reflecting on their own aging.

Elderwise hosts monthly facilitated conversations on aging for the Northwest Center for Creative Aging. Participants engage in conversations about their own aging and what they are discovering about their lives. Reservations are required; please contact Jan Frederick (, Executive Director for the Northwest Center for Creative Aging, to reserve a spot or find out more information.

For more information on the teaching programs, please contact Sandy Sabersky (